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“The universal lesson that transforms
burn victims into survivors is simply
that there is life after burns,
a lesson that only those who have lived
through the experience can convincingly express.”


Israel’s first specialized multicultural camp for children who have survived serious burn injuries. Going on its 5th year, Camp SABABA has become a cherished resource for children with burn injuries. Camp is held at the Jordan River Village, a hole in wall camp created by Chaim Topol and Paul Newman, and is operated by top doctors, occupational and physical therapists, and social workers from Schneider children’s hospital.

The Haiti Burn Center and Network at Sacre Coeur Hospital: Haiti’s first burn care and rehabilitation center attached to Sacre Couer Hospital. Since the earthquake in 2010, crowded living conditions and dangerous cooking methods, compounded by an abysmal medical system, have resulted in hundreds of children being scalded by hot oil or seared by open flames. Many of these minor burns have led to fatalities due to the lack of medical care and supplies.

Since the earthquake, Burn Advocates has delivered over 50 tons of medical supplies, brought in medical professionals to perform special surgeries, and established a rehabilitation burn clinic that will be integrated into the hospital when it is fully built.

Camp Karma: The first camp for pediatric burn survivors in India will open in 2013. It will be modeled after Camp SABABA, offering state of the art care and a range of therapeutic and recreational resources that help children to learn new skills, make friends and build their self-confidence. Camp Karma is partnered with The National Burn Centre in New Mumbai, India and will be run by Medical Director and pediatric burn surgeon Dr. Anjay Khandelwal.

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