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Burn Camp Music Program

Bringing the Gift of Music to Burn Survivors ♪

Ability Triumphing Over Disability

Coming [to burn camp] has made me realize that I am not the only person who ever got burned. At camp these kids do so many incredible things….it just shows that it doesn’t matter what you look like.
– Keri Ann Malo – Burn Survivor


Burn camps help thousands of seriously burned kids recover physically and psychologically from their devastating injuries. BAN is the only organization which offers this level of support to burn camps accross the country.

We add music and other recreational activities to enhance the burn camp experience. We raise funds to increase the number of kids that camps can afford to serve on a free tuition and transportation basis.

Most kids who have had their lives turned upside down have never had the opportunity or resources to own a guitar or take lessons.

Learning an instrument helps repair their altered self-images by boosting their self-confidence and promoting more interaction with peers. The ability to play an instrument helps burn survivors break through the wall of the isolation and depression that haunts them.


We have added percussion as well as Strumsticks to our musical offering. Both have proven to have healing capacity and build a sense of community for kids of all ages and levels of disability. Every camper can fully participate from the very start.

Performing around a campfire or by a lake to kids who are just beginning their discovery of musical self-expression is an unforgettable expeperience. The transformative power of music enable you to give a gift that campers will take well beyond their camp residence and that will resonate throughout their lives and experiences. Performers always report that they, too, are changed positively by this experience. Imagine having the opportunity to make such a lasting impact in just one day.


Many will come to camp without bathing suits; there is no way they are going swimming. By the end of the week, we go out and buy swimsuits because they want to swim. Others will show up in turtle necks in 90-degree heat. Eventually, they start wearing short-sleeve shirts and shorts. It’s really rewarding to see the changes.

Learn how to play a Strumstick with our instructional Youtube videos here!

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