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Camp Sababa, Israel Burn Camp for Children

Camp Sababa, the Middle East’s first specialized camp for children who have survived serious burn injuries opened March 30, 2009 at Kibbutz Haon, Kinneret, Israel on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Today, in it’s 4th year, 35 campers ranging in age from 7 to 17 come from all parts of the country and surrounding countries to Jordan River Village, Paul Newman and Chaim Topol’s state-of-the art camping grounds for kids suffering from serious illness and injury, to share their experiences and enjoy a wide range of fun and therapeutic recreational activities.

Jordan River Village's rope and climbing structure

At this non-denominational camp, Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike realize they are not alone in their injury and become friends. A team of more than 40 social workers, therapists, musicians, artists, and volunteers from Israeli hospitals help these kids recover from their physical wounds and emotional scars.  Our philosophy is that a burned child’s emotional scars, a lack of self-confidence, a fear of not fitting in, must be treated with as much attention as his or her physical scars.

Throughout the week, campers enjoy recreational and musical activities such as swimming, rock climbing, ropes activities, and playing music in a Drum Circle. Our music program is truly unique. We have developed a program which enables children to play string and percussion instruments the very first time they pick them up. Even children with amputated or severely damaged hands are able to fully participate with a strumstick, a 3 stringed instrument developed by Burn Advocates supporter, Bob McNally, and an adaptive pick.

Campers also enjoy outings and field trips off of our camp site to numerous locations around Israel.

Visit to the petting zoo

“These activities are not just fun, but also an excellent way to bring the young burn survivors out of the state of isolation and depression, which frequently follows disfiguring burn injuries,” said Marcia Levinson, head of physical therapy at Philadelphia Jefferson Hospital and co-founder of the camp.

Burn Advocates founder and director Samuel Davis observed, “It is amazing to see religious and secular Jews, and young Muslims participate together in all our activities, sing the same songs, sleep in the same cabins together. Real bonding takes place during all these activities.”

"Best experience of my life. Coming here has made me realize I am not the only person with burns. I can't wait to go back to burn camp."

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Camp Sababa Camp Directors: Sam Davis, Yuliana Eshel, Nili Arbel, Marcia Levinson and Senior Staff


If you or anyone you know is a burn survivor interested in attending Sababa Burn Camp, contact Sam Davis at sam@burnadvocates.org


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