Our Burn Camp and Laser Mission

Our organization helps support burn survivors as they fight for survival and later face the challenges of recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration.

Whether caused by a house fire, scalding cooking fluid, or a missile exploding – serious burn injuries have devastating consequences. Physical disfigurement and emotional scarring makes the recovery process a long and painful experience for young burn victims. Although the “outside” scars require multiple complex surgeries, the “inside” scars are much more difficult to mend and heal.

To address the healing and mending process towards recovery, we believe that the construction of Burn Camps is the best way to support young burn survivors as they progress on the path of physical and emotional healing. Campers have an environment to build self-confidence and make new friends. Young burn survivors are given an opportunity to set the scars aside in favor of ballgames, drum circles, surf lessons, and countless other unforgettable camp experiences.

For some campers, it may be the first independent encounter with other burn survivors. Such an environment helps refine courage and self-acceptance. For others, it may be part of a long rehabilitation process as they mature from camper to counselor. Our campsites offer an environment where burn survivors are not judged or defined by their appearance. It is a place where survivors can enjoy their youth and have fun, free of worry and concern.

Burn Camps also serve as an area of much academic research. Numerous peer reviewed studies have proven that Burn Camps help children adjust to their altered self-image. Burn camp attendance is proven to decrease emotions of isolation, improve camper levels of self-esteem, refine efficiency of teamwork, and promote coping and socialization skills.

In pursuit of physically healing young burn victims, our organization relies on the advanced medical practice of Laser therapy. Laser therapy utilizes the most advanced technology to heal and mend broken tissue, ultimately improving physical appearances and functionality of scares and contractures. Our top priority is to make laser therapy available to children in resource challenged nations.

Laser therapy heals the scars, Burn Camps heal the spirt. Our organization wants our campers to experience the love and care they deserve midst their difficult process toward physical and psychological healing. With the help of our generous funders and partners, our organization plans to have ten burn camps in ten different countries by 2025, focusing on low-income populations where our services are needed most.