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Our Mission

Anyone who has sustained a serious burn injury knows that it can have devastating consequences, whether it was caused by a house fire, scalding cooking fluid, or an insurgent’s explosive device.

Burn survivors are usually left with physical disfigurement and emotional scars. Their recoveries are often long and painful, requiring multiple surgeries, lengthy rehabilitation, and psychological care. Their injuries require more attention and follow-ups than almost any other type of injury.

The mission of the Burn Advocates Network is to support burn survivors – whether they are children, young men and women who are wounded in combat, or the elderly – as they face the challenges of recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration.

The key to recovery for burn survivors is access to health care, including medical, surgical, and psychiatric care. We will help ensure that you receive proper care. You should also receive adequate compensation for your disability, especially if someone else is to blame. Without funds for treatment, a return to a stable and productive life is usually not possible.

Burn Camps help young burn survivors cope with their painful new world. In the course of a few days at camp, campers build self-confidence, friendship, and learn that there is life after burns. We are currently the only organization that aids burn camps all around the country by sending them recreational equipment and volunteers. We raise money to allow the camps to reach more children in need, and to provide them with more therapeutic activities. For example, the campers enjoy, swimming in the pool, teambuilding activities, playing music and singing around the campfire. We identify and match burn survivors with programs that best suit their needs, and with veteran burn survivors that can serve as their counselors and mentors.

Children’s Surgical Missions relieves the suffering of the most vulnerable of burn survivors: children who live in countries where there are few medical resources. The Burn Advocates Network supports their goals by providing funds and procuring surgical equipment for their life-changing mission.

Join us in this important work!

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